Project starting phase (15.11.2018 – 1.3.2019, lead: Aalto)

Kick-off workshop in Finland (spring 2019, lead: Aalto)

Pilot student collaborations in Nepal, Bhutan and India (spring-autumn 2019, lead: Aalto).

Pilot activities consist of case development involving students from European programme university courses and engaging the South Asian partner universities and external partners in order to prepare for the launch of new PBL curricula in partner universities in 2020.

PBL in South Asia - best practices review (autumn 2019, lead: IIT Bombay or IISc Bangalore)

Teacher training and curriculum design workshop in India (autumn 2019, lead: IIT Bombay or IISc Bangalore)

Development of a regional PBL network and dissemination strategy for the project (autumn 2019, lead: IIT Bombay or IISc Bangalore)

Adoption of new curricula in partner universities (RUB, KU, AITM, NEC, SEC) in Bhutan and Nepal (winter 2019-2020)

Pilot student challenges led by partner universities in Bhutan, Nepal and India (spring-autumn 2020 and spring 2021, lead: RUB, KU, IIT Bombay or IISc Bangalore)

The student challenges represent the main implementation component of the project. Their purpose is to consolidate the PBL teaching practice in the partner universities and to develop locally appropriate methods and partnerships to pursue PBL/challenge-driven education in the partner countries. The challenges are led by the local universities and involve, on a case by case basis, students from all the programme and partner countries. This collaborative set-up enables concrete peer-to-peer learning, transfer of knowledge and co-creating of best educational practices for student-driven PBL education among all the participating universities.

PBL methodologies training workshop 1 (teaching methods) in the Netherlands (summer 2020, lead: TU Delft)

PBL methodologies training workshop 2(fieldwork best practices) in Bhutan or Nepal (autumn/winter 2020, lead: RUB and/or AITM/KU)

Development of an online PBL global challenges course (2019-2021, lead: TU Delft)

Report on learning outcomes from the pilot challenges and evaluation of project outputs’ relevance for local innovation ecosystem development (autumn 2019-spring 2021, lead: Kaunas)

Final project workshop and dissemination event (autumn 2021)

Final report and closing of the project (autumn 2021, lead: Aalto)