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Mentor’s Meeting at Nepal Engineering College

A hybrid meeting of Mentors from Problem Based Learning South Asia was conducted at Nepal Engineering College (nec),Changunarayan on Wednesday 13th April, 2022 where mentors (teachers) from the college and Sagarmatha Engineering College (SEC) participated in person while others from different regions of South Asia joined online. The in-person meeting was organized as a workshop facilitated by Ms. Julia Renko who is the Coordinator at the Department of Built Environment - Water & Environmental Engineering at Aalto University School of Engineering. Meanwhile, the online meeting was facilitated by Ms. Matleena Muhonen, Academic Coordinator at Aalto University.

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Training Program on RAD using PHP Laravel


Students Welfare Division Handing Over Ceremony

In an event organized at nec on 16th September 2021, Associate Professor

Sankalpa Pokhral handed over the responsibility of Chief - Student Welfare

and Extracurricular Activities Division to Assistant Professor Sachin Shrestha.

Thank you Mr Pokharel for your examplary contribution and best wishes

Shrestha for coming days.


Final Report Submitted by the interim recruitment committee on 08/09/2021

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