nec has invented a Delivery Robot which has been handover to Shukraraaj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital (Teku Hospital). The team of four teachers Asst. Prof. Avinash Khatri, Asst. Prof. Dinesh Dangol, Asst. Prof. Rupesh Dahi Shrestha and Asst. Prof. Sachin Shrestha and four students Kumar Shrestha, Raju Shrestha, Saroj Chaudhary and Utsav Khadka jointly succeed the construction of very useful device during the COVID 19 pandemic stage. Here nec would like to thank to all the helping hands to make it worthy and successful. nec is always on social service and social responsibilities. nec would like to acknowledge all the medias and well wishers for sending the right message to public. Especially nec family appreciate the team for succeeding the project within short period of time.

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