Completed Projects:

Hawa Energy Development Group (HEDG) - Joint venture between Nepal Engineering College and JESA Technical Assistance, Japan

Installation and monitoring of Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation System
The use of renewable energy has been expanding remarkably in recent years. Renewable energy is a critical part of reducing global carbon emissions. As the pace of investment has greatly increased as the cost of technologies fall and efficiency continues to rise, these technologies are getting popularity.
Especially the use of photovoltaic generation and wind power Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation System that use natural energy has grown significantly. Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation System at Nepal Engineering College, Changunarayan, Bhaktapur is one such system.
The project is a joint venture initiated by Nepal Engineering College and JESA Technical Team, Japan.Fujitsu Limited Company, Japan donated “Hybrid Combined Solar and Wind Energy Turbine” on 23rd December, 2016. The HAWA coordinating team comprising of Pramod Ghimire (Coordinator), Krishna Bikram Shah (Member), and Rojesh Dahal (Member) have been involved in monitoring, maintaining, repairing, scheduling, and operating the system setup.
As we all know, that the institutional linkages are prerequisites for the academic progress in the field of research as well as in bridging the gap between academic and industrial applications. This project is one such international link. The Japanese team had visited Nepal Engineering College more than 3 times. During each visit, the students/faculties/staff were able to participate in the interaction with the Japanese professionals and the professors from the renowned universities. HAWA team at nec are
very much sure that the students, faculties, and the staff have been greatly benefited with the interaction from the Japanese team.

Peri-Urban Water Security Project (2010-2013)

Nepal Engineering College, in partnership with some regional institutions, has completed an action research entitled Water Security emerging from urbanization and climate change in peri-urban areas of three South Asian countries. In Nepal, the study was undertaken at four per-urban villages in Kathmandu valley namely, Dadhikot and Jhaukhel in Bhaktapur, Lubhu in Lalitpur and Matatirtha in Kathmandu district. A total of six students were provided internship to carry out research in the relevant field.

Crossing Boundaries (CB) Project (2007-2011)

Under the Funding of DGIS of the Government of Netherlands for Regional Capacity Building on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Gender and Water in South Asia, from July 2007-December, 2011.

Under this Project, out of 45 graduates, a total of 30 IWRM graduates have been generated, currently working in various organizations (both Government and Non-Government). More than 50 water professionals have been provided with advanced training on Integrated Water Resources Management, Interdisciplinary Field Research Methodology, Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation, Water and Gender, Water and Climate Change. A total of 45 M.Sc. thesis and many papers of the students were presented and published in proceedings and journals.

ADB Special Study Award

On “Enhancing Productivity in Irrigated Agriculture through Multifunctional Water Users’ Association, awarded by Asian Development Bank (ADB), Manila (completed in 2009).

DelPHE Research Award

Safe Drinking Water Project

Under the grant support of Development Partnership for Higher Education (DelPHE) Program of DFID of British Government, undertaken over the 2007-2010 in partnership with Imperial College, London & Preston University, Pakistan.

Mondialogo Engineering Award

To study earthquake resistant adobe structures in Nepal in collaboration with Khowpa Engineering College, University of Tokyo and IIT Bombay (completed in 2008).

Ongoing Projects:

On going International Research Project at nec

nec is part of an international consortium of academic and research institutes involved in the UK's DFID funded (Jan 2014 - June 2017) research project on "Hydropower development in the context of climate change: Exploring conflicts and fostering cooperation across scales and boundaries in the Eastern Himalayas", through a Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW/WOTRO) program of Conflict and Cooperation in the Management of Climate Change (CCMCC) grant of the Netherlands. The other partners of this research project are International Rivers (USA), University of East Anglia (UK), Booazici University (Turkey), University of California (USA), Nepal Water Conservation Foundation (Nepal), International Water Management Institute-Nepal, Sikkim University, North Bengal University, Forum for Policy Dialogue on Water Conflicts India, Aaranyak, and the Advanced Centre for Water Resources Development and Management (ACWADAM) in India. The study is focused on the bio-diverse region of the Eastern Himalayas as it is vulnerable to climate change, and the target of ambitious hydropower development plans.

This research project sets out to explore how the impacts of hydropower development will intersect with the effects of climate change. One of the two research sites is located in the Tamor River valley of eastern Nepal, and as such nec is expected to play a central role in the collection and analysis of data for this project.

IDRC SAWA Fellowship Project

A four year long project, IDRC SAWA Fellowship (2013-2016) in continuation to earlier Crossing Boundaries (CB) Project for IWRM program, has currently been supported by International Development and Research Center (IDRC) Canada and executed by South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies (SaciWATERs) in four academic institutions of South Asian Countries including nec. The aim of the project is to generate a critical mass of water professionals trained in inter-disciplinary perspective in South Asia capable of solving real-life problems and water issues. The program aims to producing water professionals with interdisciplinary skills and capacity to respond to established and emerging challenges in water resources management. The project has been offering five fellowships mainly to women water professionals to redeem the gender balance in water-related research, jobs and policy in the South Asian region. 20% of the scholarships are given to deserving male students from lower socioeconomic strata.

Notable Events of Recent Past

nec has been organizing seminars, conferences, short-term training courses, and other scholarly activities, besides regular teaching and research involvements. The followings are some of the notable events in the recent past, organized by nec, either independently or in collaboration with national or international institutions and organizations.