Welcome to Nepal Engineering College (nec), the finest and most dynamic academic institute offering undergraduate and graduate engineering and architecture programs in Nepal.

The fresh students enrolled at nec will find a team of highly qualified and fully dedicated teachers with many years of teaching experience, supported by an equally enthusiastic team of administrative and management staff. The quiet environment at nec, away from the hustle and bustle of a city center,  is ideal for the students to get focused on study and extracurricular activities. The high performance of nec graduates is a testament in itself regarding the quality of education at this   college;  every year dozens of nec graduates are selec ted for  higher  education with full scholarship at reputed universities around the globe. There are plenty of open spaces in and around the college premises for those who enjoy fresh air and sportsmanship. The students of this college have been awarded numerous honors and awards at almost all national competitions for engineering and architecture students.

nec is about to  complete its 25 years of  successful operation  and has produced  world-class technocrats serving in academic, industrial, and research institutes in and outside Nepal. The graduates of neccan be  found serving different  organizations in all the highly industrialized countries in the world. The students from all 77 districts of Nepal have enrolled at this college.

I have witnessed the vicissitudes at this great institute in the last 25 years. The rapid expansion of the physical infrastructure and student numbers in the late  1990s  was followed by  an  extremely  challenging decline in  student interest in  engineering  in  2002-2005.  Yet, nec continued to  thrive, often providing a critical and leading role in driving the higher technical  education in Nepal;  most of the engineering  and architecture curriculum of Pokhara University originated at nec.

For quality in technical education, nec is considered a standard in itself, and as such a brand for aspiring institutes in Nepal. Based on the experience of about 10000 nec graduates, I am sure you will thank yourself for choosing nec for your higher study.

Prof. Dr. Hari Krishna Shrestha