Center for Applied Research And Rural Development (CARRD) has successfully concluded the semester long program of book collection. The collected books where donated to the Principal of “Shree Nepal Rastriya Nirman Higher Secondary School”. The Book was donated from the hands of Associate Professor Dhubra Banjade, Head of Department, Electronics and Electrical, Nepal Engineering College. The Program was conducted on septmber 11 at 12:30 at the space of Shree Nepal Rastriya Nirman Higher Secondary School in Mulpani. The Donation program was done along with small program. The program also aimed Child right education so related books are also donated.

CARRD is very thankful to all our helpings hands, students of Nepal Engineering College and College administration, who help make the Project “Book Donation for Library Setup” a success story .

CARRD would like to congratulate it’s members who deliver the program with such a confidence and ease with message.