Professor Dr. Hari Krishna Shrestha and Assistant Professor Ganesh K Bhattarai attended the seminar on "Earthquake Risk Management in Developing Countries from nec. The detail are are given below.

Seminar on “Earthquake Risk Management in Developing Countries”

Organized by:

International Centre for Urban Safety Engineering (ICUS), Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Nepal Engineers Association (NEA)

National Society of Earthquake Technology (NSET) Nepal

In association with:

Society of Engineers for Rural Development Nepal (SERDeN)

Venue: DoLIDAR Hall, Shree Mahal, Pulchowk

Date: January 07, 2013

Presenter: Prof.Dr.Kimiro MEGURO, Director ICUS, Japan

Prof .Dr. Meguro is founder of ICUS. Prof. Meguro contributed a lot in Engineering, mainly in Retrofitting .His aim to reduce the cost of Retrofitting in Developing countries is highly appreciable.

Prof. started his presentation with describing the components of Disaster Management. The components are Mitigation, Preparedness, Response and Recovery. Meguro stated that Total management of Disaster is the sum of Risk Management and Crisis Management. He focused on creating Disaster Resilient Built Environment and Disaster Resilient people. He also light up the fact that, the collapse of non –engineered Reinforced Concrete structures cause more death.

Dr. Meguro proposed PP band (Plastic Polymer) as a retrofitting material in low cost structures. PP band is quite cheap and strong. The 0.6 mm thick PP band can hold 150kg load. According to need, the thickness of band can be increase. The load bearing wall can be retrofitted by constructing the mesh of PP band. This method of retrofitting will be very helpful in the developing countries. The promotion of Retrofitting can be done by:

a) Government Incentive promotion system

b) Self promotion system

c) Joint Organization promotion system

Professor Dr.  Hari Krishna Shrestha and Assistant Professor Ganesh K Bhattarai attended the seminar from nec

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