Title “Delivery robot” for Teku Hospital

Delivery robot” for Teku Hospital In response to fight against COVID-19 and to aid medical personnel in delivering food and medicines to patients in hospital, a team from nec built “Delivery robot”. The development of the robot was completed on May 13, 2020 and was handed over to Teku Hospital on May 15, 2020 by the Chairman of nec, the Mayor of Changunarayan Municipality, Mr. Som Prasad Mishra. The project was started on May 04, 2020 and took 10 days for completion. The project team includes three faculty members, Asst. Prof. Avinash Khatri KC, Assoc. Prof. Dinesh Dangol and Asst. Prof. Sachin Shrestha as supervisors and four students, Kumar Shrestha (Electrical & Electronics Engineering 018- 609), Raju Shrestha (Electronics & Communication Engineering 017-411), Saroj Chaudhary (Electronics & Communication Engineering 017-424) and Utsav Khadka (Electrical & Electronics Engineering 016-639). The advisory team includes Assoc. Prof. Ajay Kumar Lal, Assoc. Prof. Bijaya Shrestha, Asst. Prof. Deepesh Prakash Guragain, Asst. Prof. Kailash Karki, Asst. Prof. Krishna Bikram Shah, Assoc. Prof. Rupesh Dahi Shrestha and Assoc. Prof. Sundar Kunwar.

Date 05/13/2020