"Journal of Scientific and Technical Studies"

Aim and Scope

A Journal of Scientific and Technical Studies (SCITECH Nepal) is a biannual journal published by Nepal Engineering College (nec) since 1995. The Journal covers the issues related to wide discipline of sciences including engineering, engineering management, construction management, resource management, environment, conservation, and regional development. The Journal publishes paper, which must include research materials and relevant information on trends in academic research related to the subject matters under the scope of the Journal, through peer review.

Call for Paper Submission

Nepal Engineering College, affiliated to Pokhara University and registered as not-for-profit social organization (DAO Bhaktapur, Regd. No. 552/2060) invites for its July 2021 edition, Volume 16 No 1, of SCITECH Nepal Journal articles on topics related to science, engineering and architecture from academicians, researchers, experts and field practitioners. The article must be original and be sent in soft copy. Please check the guidelines for relevant info regarding paper submission.
Author(s) will be paid an honorarium for published paper(s).