nec entered to a phase of advanced education in engineering and allied sciences with the initiation postgraduate programs beginning from the year 1999. The postgraduate  programs are tailored to meet the demand of specialized manpower and academic aspiration of prospective students.  All the postgraduate courses are offered at the Center for Postgraduate Studies (nec-CPS) located at Prayag Pokhari, Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Kathmandu.

  1. M.Sc. in Construction Management
  2. M.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Water Resources Management
  3. M.Sc. in Natural Resources Management
  4. M.Sc. in Disaster Risk Management (Proposed)
  5. M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering and Management

M.Sc. in Construction Management

Construction is an essential activity for the continued development. Rapidly growing construction, engagement of specialized human resources and rapid changes in the construction technology, have all transformed construction into an industry that demands highly specialized manpower to organize and manage the construction works. The Masters course in Construction Management, leading to M.Sc. (Master of Science) degree, has been designed to prepare construction managers, capable of using state-of-art knowledge and skills in planning, organizing and managing construction works.

M.Sc. in Interdisciplinary Water Resources Management

Water issues are intricately linked to livelihood and well being of the people, and have much broader and often far reaching, social, political, economic and environmental implications. Needs of multifaceted but integrated approaches and increasingly greater engagement of personnel with interdisciplinary perspectives, have been realized in order to pursue importance of sustainable water resources management. Realizing in interdisciplinary water education, nec started Masters program in Interdisciplinary Water Resources Management (IWRM) beginning November, 2007. The objective of the course is to train high level technical manpower with interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and capacity to respond to emerging challenges in water resources Management.

M.Sc. in Natural Resources Management

This is an interdisciplinary course with the focus on training professionals with knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of natural resources, their relationship and management. This has been the most sought after course among the professionals working in the areas of rural and urban planning, ecosystem management, watershed management, water resources management, forestry and waste management.

M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering and Management

Transportation infrastructure development projects face a number of challenges especially in the developing countries like Nepal where infrastructures have to be developed in the situation of resource constraints yet these are required to be sensitive to geo-technical and environmental specifities. This demands appropriate technologies meet the spectrum of transportation needs both in the rural areas and city centers, supporting the needs of wide ranging traffic and speeds. These complexities have led to the need of qualified manpower, research and technology development and promotion of appropriate technologies in the areas of transportation planning and infrastructure development. Realizing the dearth of qualified manpower in this area, nec has started Masters’ course in Transportation Engineering and Management leading to M.Sc. degree.

M.Sc. in Disaster Risk Management (Proposed)

Nepal faces multitudes of natural and human induced disasters that result in the loss of lives and properties worth millions of rupees annually. Disaster risks and the resulting damages can be minimized with preparedness to manage the disasters. Realizing the importance of education, research and knowledge dissemination in the area of disaster management, nec has taken lead in proposing Masters program in Disaster Risk Management. Initiatives are underway at nec to develop instructional resources so that the course can be started shortly.